Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Congenital Deformities of Face and Hand

The deformities or abnormality which occurs in a developing fetus is called congenital deformities. It can be due to genetic abnormalities or chromosomal deformities. These are defined as a secondary bending or change of shape. It mainly includes conditions like lack of amniotic fluid buffering the fetus from the pressure of the uterine wall and may be due to leakage or failure to produce fluid. This may lead to characteristics like flattening of the nose and ears, fixation of the joints leading to clubbed hands and feet, growth retardation, and underdevelopment of lungs and gut.The common causes of congenital birth deformities includes

Common Face and Hand Deformities

1. Cleft lip
2. Cleft palate
3. Microtia/Absent ear
4. Bat ear
5. Absent thumb
6. Syndactyly(joined fingers)
7. Polydactyly
8. Birth mark like neavus
9. Jhemangioma
10. Vascular malformation

Metabolic disorders

There are some congenital metabolic defects of pigments which are derived from the oxygen-carrying molecule hemoglobin’s in red blood cells may occur. Due to deficiency of hemoglobin conditions like anemia or red blood cell defects which may be categorized as sickle disease.


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Other disorders


Some more common disorders of congenital deformities includes

  • Birthmark.
  • Cleft lip and palate.
  • Ear defects.
  • Hand defects.
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