Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Hymen Repair surgery

Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Hymen repair surgery is a surgical technique in which the torn edges of the hymen are put back together. When the procedure is done correctly there is no apparent scarring and the hymen appears intact. After this type of hymen surgery and without complication, subsequent intercourse will typically tear the membrane causing pain and bleeding.

Why women desire hymen repair surgery

Women generally go for hymen repair procedure

  • In many cultures, a woman is physically inspected to make sure the hymen is intact.
  • Because of rape and sexual abuse some women view this as a way to empower themselves and symbolically restore something that was taken from them.
  • There are cases of injuries to the hymen prior to marriage. This may be due to tampon use, vigorous exercise or sexual intercourse can which results in hymen rupture.
  • There are women who want to give their partner a unique gift.


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  • There are different stages of recovery. Light exercises can be started after a week and to perform demanding exercises, it takes 4-6 weeks.
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